'Stop the Drop' by

GHS Rubbish Video

The attached video was made by the school's Senior Exec team to encourage students to 'Stop the Drop' around school.  It was shown at our student led assembly last week along with the following short speech given by Year 13 Isayah Snow. 

Litter is a growing problem in our school, yes, we may have taken it light-heartedly in our video but that doesn’t mean we don’t think it’s a serious problem. As students it is our responsibility to take care of the rubbish we make, making sure it is disposed of correctly in bins that are located everywhere around the school and not just chucking it on the ground where it could potentially become a bigger problem.

Lots of the rubbish we produce is not environmentally friendly and can cause trouble to animal life such as birds or it can even become a problem in the waterway that our school resides by. But none of this will become a problem if we all just put our rubbish in the bin. Close enough is not good enough when it comes to putting stuff in the bin. There are so many bins located around our school and if there ever comes a time where you can’t find one, just put the rubbish in your bag and throw it out when you find a bin later or get home. It is such a simple thing to do that requires very little energy and does our school and planet a great favour.

Stop the drop, and put your rubbish in the bin.