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Year 13 student heads down different career pathway

Tiffany Lineham, a Year 13 student, is heading down a career pathway a little less ordinary. Over the last few years Tiffany has become very involved as a volunteer with Civil Defence in Timaru. Last year the Fire Service Taskforce team (a paid group) started training with Civil Defence. About a year ago the Taskforce and the volunteer group were put through training with INSARG (the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group) and their final assessment was in Timaru where they had to complete a training exercise. Go to the following website to see the report in the paper about it:

Tiffany says she would be the youngest person in the country training with a group like this. She started when she was 15, as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award, and followed in her Dad’s footsteps, who has also volunteered with Civil Defence. Through Gateway at school she hopes to spend more time with the Taskforce in the Timaru Fire Brigade, picking up more skills throughout the year. This is Tiffany’s passion and it is great to see the enthusiasm she has for it. Well done, Tiffany!