GHS Netball by Mrs Kim Andrews

Netball News

Geraldine High School Netball Grading Tournament

Where:  Geraldine High School Courts

When:  Thursday 30th March

Why:  To rank our teams for Registration

From:  3.15pm till 7.00pm

Who:  All teams 

All welcome to come and watch and support our teams.

There will be a BBQ at 5.30pm-6.00pm followed by a parents information evening.  All parents are expected to attend or someone on their behalf please.

All new players will need to fill out registration forms on the day.  Uniforms will be issued by Mrs Andrews at school.

Warm up Tees

This is the last chance to make orders for the warm up Tees and Thermals.

Warm up Tees - $35 - GHS logo on front and last name on back

Thermals - $40 - GHS down arm and last name on back.

Netball Draws

Senior Teams 

3.40pm Court 1 Jnr A vs Jnr B - Refs Snr A

4.10pm Court 1 Snr Social vs Snr B - Refs Kim &

4.40pm Court 1 Snr B vs Jnr A - Refs Snr A

5.10pm Court 1 Snr A vs Snr Social - Refs Snr B

5.40pm Court 1 Jnr B vs Snr Social - Refs Jnr A

6.10pm Court 1 Snr A vs Snr B - Refs Snr Social

Year 7 & 8 teams

3.15pm Court 1 Red vs Blue - Refs Jnr A

3.15pm Court 2 Green vs White - Refs Jnr B

3.40pm Court 2 Black vs Blue - Refs Snr Social

4.05pm Court 2 Red vs White - Refs Snr A

4.30pm Court 2 Blue vs Green - Refs Jnr B

5.00pm Court 2 Black vs White - Refs Jnr B

5.30pm Court 2 Black vs Red - Refs Snr B

6.00pm Court 2 White vs Blue - Refs Jnr A

6.30pm Court 2 Black vs Green - Refs Jnr A/B