Year 7 & 8 Triathlon

SCPSSA Triathlon

On Thursday 23rd March 9 pupils from Year 7 and 8 represented GHS in the annual SCPSSA Triathlon. This was held at Caroline Bay. The students have been training exceptionally hard during their lunchtimes and were eager to test their swimming, running and cycling abilities against competitors from other schools. The distances were: 100m Swim, 1.4km run and 1.8km bike.

Below are the results from the Triathlon:

Boys Year 7/8

  • Bede Fisher - 14.05 - 6th
  • Ben Wyborn - 14.30 - 12th
  • Caleb Farqhar - 16.15 - 29th

Placed 2nd overall with a winning time of 13.40.  Total boys competing - 51.

Girls Year 7/8

  • Amelia McKeown - 14.38 - 5th
  • Zara Coleman - 15.49 - 12th
  • Kristen Schoneveld - 14.47 - 6th

Placed 2nd overall

  • Emily Coleman - 16.32 - 17th
  • Rebekah Skinner - 16.06 - 13th
  • Lydia Hanrahan - 15.26 - 9th

Placed 3rd overall with a winning time of 13.29. Total girls competing - 54.

The students were great ambassadors for GHS. They were extremely humble and supportive of their peers and fellow competitors. I was very proud to take them. Special mention to Emily Coleman ​​who stopped during the running part of the race to comfort a fellow girl who was finding it difficult to breathe. Emily never considered how this would effect her placing - superb sporting attitude and great values. Finally, a huge thanks to all parents for their great support and encouragement.