7Sa Family Celebration by Miss Amy Ross

7Sa Family Celebration

7Sa have been working hard for weeks developing and refining skills to cook a stunning meal for their family. Below is an insight of what happened for these students behind the scenes.

Step 1 : The information stage. To start the process 7Sa students had to interview their stakeholders (family members).

Step 2: Invention stage. They then brainstormed possible ingredients and presentation methods from the knowledge gained through the interviews.

Step 3: Planning stage. Once all the planning had been completed, they then got to trial making the planned design. This was where they found if things didn’t go right , ingredients didn’t suit, time frames were too short , or presentation didn’t look as good as expected .

Step 4: The reflection stage. Students then took into consideration all the aspects of the trial and fixed any problems that arose, re-planning their meal. This was to insure that on the day all would run smoothly.

Step 5: The best part. This stage was just like what you see on TV’s Masterchef. Nerves, excitement, fear and worry all at once.  After all the planning and trailing students had 40 minutes to prepare, cook and present their meal. They also went that step further to make sure the dishes were done ( YES, they can do dishes by hand !) and the table was dressed and ready for the arrival of their family and friends.

7Sa did a wonderful job ! I am very proud of the way they handled the pressure and produced 10/10 meals.

Thank you to all the family members and friends who attended this wonderful event . I can’t wait to hear about the wonderful things they cook for you at home.

Miss Ross,

Year 7 Food Technology Teacher