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Geraldine Sport and Recreation Facilities of the Future ....

Venue:  Geraldine Community Pavilion, Hislop Street

Time:  7.30pm

Date:  21st September 2016

The Geraldine Community Board, Geraldine Combined Sports Association and Go Geraldine invite all sports clubs, community groups and individuals to an evening to learn about the upcoming South Canterbury Sports Facility Plan, a region-wide initiative that will review current facilities and develop plans for the future.

Bill Steans (Timaru District Council Parks and Recreation Manager) and Shaun Campbell (Regional Manager, Sport Canterbury) will outline why the review is taking place, what the process will be and how the community can get involved.

A consultant will be reviewing Geraldine’s sport and recreation facilities and resources in January/February 2017 and reporting back to council so it is important that the community addresses this opportunity now.

From there the meeting will decide the next steps for gathering ideas from all across the community for future projects.

This review is an excellent opportunity for our community to join together to review current facilities, think about how sport and recreation will look in our district in the future and ultimately to make plans for various key projects which will be submitted for funding under the resulting South Canterbury Sport Facility Plan.

The finalised plan for the region will have an impact on what facilities our town enjoys into the future and it is vital that people participate to get the best outcome for our community!