Level 1 PIA by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

Primary Industry Academy News

We have had a very exciting week in Level 1 PIA as students have found their creative inner self. There appears to be a budding florist lurking in us all! Following on from our industry visit to Moffatt's Flowers in Christchurch earlier in the year (the largest Rose grower in New Zealand and one of the largest flower wholesalers operating in over 20,000 square metres of climate controlled glasshouses and growing over three million stems annually) we decided that floristry would form part of our display for the Conferencing and Careers Information Day. Mrs Davidson who is a qualified Florist shared her awesome skills with the class as students completed hand tied (bouquet style) and bowl arrangements. Applying the principles of flower arranging is easier said than done but perseverance paid off and students produced work to be proud of. It  resulted in the “best in show” stand in the hall (as judged by Mrs FS).

Level 2 PIA have completed their Advanced Fencing course which included recapping previously learnt fencing skills such as knot tying , replacing wire within an existing fence and tying in insulators and wire strainers. We also dug post holes, with the aid of a post hole borer, and added a box stay to the fencing assembly. The class worked in cold, foggy conditions over the 2 days and impressed the AgriLearn tutors with their perseverance and attitude. For many students this was the last day at AgriLearn as the class head off on their different career paths. Greig and Allan expressed their appreciation of our wonderful students who were always well prepared and came to each course organised, enthusiastic and demonstrated a willingness to learn. The GHS group has a reputation as being polite, well-mannered students who have made the most of every opportunity they have been given.