Shania Dudson-Cooney

Geraldine High School Blazers

Our blazers have become a very important uniform item for identifying us as Geraldine High School. The students wear them with pride, and members of the community always comment on them in a very positive manner. The plan has always been to phase the blazers in right across our senior school and by the end of 2018 this will be the case.

Blazer requirements:

For 2017 the following requirements are going to apply for blazers:

  • Blazers are compulsory for ALL Year 12 and Year 13 students.

  • Blazers are optional for Year 11 students (Year 11 will be compulsory from the start of 2018).

NOTE: Year 11 students may choose to wear the senior uniform in 2017 without the blazer.

  • For Year 13 students only: the blazers will have a black band attached near the bottom of each sleeve to identify them as our Year 13 students. (This is not optional).

There is NO option to hire blazers.

Cost of the blazer:

  • $220

  • $10 - Black band (for Year 13) attached to sleeves - to be done by the Pin Tin.

Ordering the blazer:

  • The blazers are made to fit the student. From Monday 29th August it will be advertised on the student notices for students to meet Mrs Patterson to size their blazer.

  • The money AND order form needs to be put through the brown envelope system or paid to the office by 12th September 2016 (see note at the end about financial assistance or setting up automatic payments to pay it off if need be).

  • The black bands for Year 13 will be added to the blazers ready for the students when they pick them up in late January when they come in for course confirmation.

NOTE: There will be a large number of blazers to be made. Students going into Year 12 and 13 in 2017 will get priority for ordering. Those going into Year 11 next year may need to wait a little longer for their blazers.

Year 12 going into Year 13 who already have a blazer:

  • Before the black band is added to the sleeves the blazer will need to be dry cleaned.

  • After exams the blazers will need to be handed into the school with $10 to pay for the black bands.

  • The bands will be added over the summer holiday period and the blazers will be returned to the students when they come in for course confirmation in January 2017.


Do you need some financial assistance?

If you are needing financial assistance around the purchase of these blazers please contact Anne Rawson Ph 693 0017 extn 7229.

Payment options?

If you wish to pay off the blazer, preferably before the end of January 2017, the details to set up an automatic payment are:

Westpac, Geraldine Branch

Account Name: Geraldine High School

Account Number: 03 0839 0064018 000

Details to be printed on statement:

Particulars: * Your child’s name*

Reference: Blazer