Wearable Arts by Mrs Cynthia Stephens

Art Department News

Our students have been working really hard. We have had our student’s work exhibited in Flava Fesival (Year 10 Paintings) and Artarama. Only a small selection of work can be presented from each school, so we can’t put everyone’s in even though we want to.

Special congratulations to Jackson Prattley-Jones winning the South Canterbury Arts Society Award for Excellence in Artarama and Amelia Woodley who won The Friends of the Aigantighe Art Gallery Award for Excellence in Artarama. Amazing!

Recently 4 students attended a workshop run by some LA Street artists in Timaru. Kasie Jopp, Drew Chisnall, Connie McFarlane and Jazmin Duncan.

Thank you Mrs Stephens for getting our students and their artwork where they needed to be at this busy time.

The following students have artwork in Artarama at the Aigantighe Gallery in Timaru until the 28th August. Go and see it!

  • Jackson Prattley-Jones
  • Kerry Eddie
  • Iza Pitoc
  • Fiona Elwood
  • Kasie Jopp
  • Maisie Fisher
  • Grace Lange
  • Cynthia Matthies
  • Hazel Fisher
  • Quinn Claridge


  • Amelia Woodley
  • Grace Williams
  • Olivia Hall and Zoe Scott
  • Jantzen Quiambao and Mikaela Crisp
  • Anna Kay and Aria Cressy
  • Sian Boase
  • Emma Wilson
  • Christine Bendsen and Katie Moginie
  • Connie McFarlane
  • Amelia Houston
  • Mikaela Patterson and Emily Lake
  • Molly-Kate Morrison and Amelia Houston
  • Annie Robertson
  • Henry McFarlane and Louise Newark