PIA students fencing by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

Primary Industry News

Level 1 students have been to their first fencing assessment at AgriLearn with awesome results. Students had to assemble a fence with crimps, figure 8 knot, insulators, a triplex and tension it correctly. Then they had to assemble a hot wire and find the faults and put together the cut out. A usual time allowance is from 9am - 4pm, but not for GHS who were done and dusted by lunchtime! Greig Richardson (tutor) said “ this has been the best group through this assessment across all schools (North Otago, Mid and South Canterbury) since the program started”.

Top wire fencers were:

  • Ist - Blake Roberts
  • 2nd - Zoie Greer and Jacob Price
  • 3rd - Phoebe Bradley-Doig

Electric Fencing:

  • 1st - Blake Roberts
  • 2nd - Mitchell Sowden
  • 3rd - Patrick Foley-Smith

Level 2 & 3 PIA

Jan Gibbs from the NZ Police has been this week’s guest speaker. The class discussed, among other things, firearms & gun licensing, how to deal with poachers on farm, and heavy vehicle licensing & regulations.