Year 7 students Erin Harland-Christie and Shianne Eccleston admire the Chicks by Ms Mel Pile

Year 11 Agriculture

As part of an internal assessment, Year 11 Agriculture students cared for 19, day old chicks for 2 weeks. The chicks were fed on different diets and their growth rates were monitored by the class. All of the chicks have now gone home and are being cared for by some members of the class. A big thank you is extended to these students and their parents who have taken over the care of these chicks.

All four of the Year 7 homeroom classes were also invited over to meet the chicks and see what the Year 11’s had been undertaking. This was a great opportunity for the Year 11’s to share with the Year 7’s their investigation and pass on how to handle and care for chicks. Many of the students had not had a chance to hold baby chicks before and they really enjoyed this opportunity. 

A special thanks goes to students in 7Sa who helped with the cleaning and weighing on the days that the Year 11’s were in class.