George and Harlan pictured with their project

Science Fair 2018

Science Fair 2018 is happening on 11th September 2018 in Timaru at Caroline Bay. 10W, 9O and all Year 7 and year 8 students have all been taking part in the Science Fair at school this year.

We have many great entries this year including students making solar cells, modelling house construction and testing its insulation properties, and finding out how quickly silage is made by experimentation. But one of my favourites is George and Harlan’s development of a Biodigester.

The idea behind this ultimately would be to produce a fuel, which could be used to drive a car or power a generator. They have made a series of models, which eventually have resulted in a system, which can now store the gas generated. This could now be progressed further to make a larger scale model to make enough gas to be useful.

Why did they do this? 

Methane is a greenhouse gas, much worse than Carbon Dioxide. By burning it its impact is reduced and less fossil fuel would be used. We just need a mechanism to collect and store it.