Year 7 Ski Day

Year 7 Ski Trip

On the 14th of August 2018 two bus loads of excited year 7 students headed out on the road towards Roundhill Ski Field. The excitement was almost uncontainable, students laughing, yelling and singing all the way … the whole TWO hours! Unfortunately we had a few stops on the way for unwell students. Once at the mountain, students were ushered into groups and sent off to their morning lessons. It was coffee time for the teachers and parent help.

Everybody had a great time on the day and we had many students skiing for the first time and they all did so well.

Here is a quick recount of the day from Kyro Brook.

I got up at 5am. Mum thought it was 6am until she had a good look and realised it was 5am. Mum told me to go back to bed but I was too excited.

I got to school in time for the bus. We needed two buses to take us to Roundhill Ski Field. I had a whole row to myself and had a sleep on the way.

Two hours later we arrived at the top with no chains needed. It was a muggy day and I was feeling the heat in my ski gear. I had to line up and it felt like ages to get my boots and skis. My boots were really fancy, grey and red. I had to borrow one of the ski instructors boots because my feet were so wide.

The day was getting warmer as I went into my first sk lesson. I found this easy as, as I had skied before. After about an hour and a half the lesson was over and I headed off with my friends to practise what we had learnt. I saw Jack and headed to him and we had something to eat. I had a lovely warm Milo brought from home. Once we had full tummies we headed off to the T-bar. As I was being dragged up the mountain I feel backwards off the T-bar and earned the nickname “Tumbles”.

It was a great day and we all talked about it in the bus on the way home.