Photography by Ethan Hornsby by Ethan Hornsby


By Ethan Hornsby

Photography has been a passion of mine for a number of years, but one passion I have had right from a young age has been automotive engineering and everything vehicle-related. Along with this passion for cars, experiencing the power and exhilaration of accelerating to 100kph in under 3 seconds and reaching speeds over 250 kph are experiences I will never forget. None of this would have been possible without my passion for cars and photography.

Photography and a passion for cars have taken me to some of the greatest events and locations throughout New Zealand including Highlands Motorsport Park, Cars and Coffee 2018 and the Epic McLaren Tour of New Zealand. All of these events have introduced me to new, more insane experiences and allowed me to connect with fellow supercar enthusiasts and petrol heads. Recent automotive photoshoots with cars have introduced me to a huge range of contacts including supercar/hypercar owners, local and international dealerships, professional automotive photographers, local race teams and other young aspiring automotive photographers. This attention from new people has only increased ever since I began posting my work in January this year. Receiving messages from supercar owners and more experienced automotive enthusiasts who praise my work is unbelievable motivation which drives me to continue with my automotive photography passion.

Experiences my passion have given me include hot laps in the Ferrari 488 GTB, exclusive viewings with some of the most expensive and unique cars in New Zealand, participation in exclusive photoshoots with the McLaren convoy in Tekapo and most recently, a 1 hour passenger ride from Cars and Coffee 2018 in a brand new 2017 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on roads ranging from the motorway to downtown Christchurch.

I look forward to where my automotive photography will take me and strive to make the most of the amazing opportunities and experiences it provides. I post most of my photoshoot pictures on my Instagram page and have entered them into various competitions with large success. My automotive photos will be on display in the Library in the next few weeks.