School Values - Respect by

From the Student Exec

As student leaders, we see respect every day, from someone opening the door for you to someone thanking you for opening the door for them. Respect is about more than just yourself it is about your actions and your responses, to me having respect for yourself is just as important as having respect for somebody else or their property. Throughout the school respect is present however, some people are not always displaying respect towards themselves, their peers or their teachers. Respect means something different for everybody and the same is true for your student leaders of 2019, how have written short paragraphs describing what respect means to them.

Exec Manager, Koan Brown

All of the houses have competed their hearts out in term 2! Every House Captain is so proud of everyone's effort in the house events this term in Cross Country and Wearable Arts, as well as in academic, sporting and cultural areas in and outside of school. It also has been great to see our school value of respect being prominently on display by all students. After this term, Acland is placing 1st and following close behind is Cox in 2nd. MacDonald is a close 3rd with Tripp in 4th. We cannot wait for term 3 to see what it has in store for us and our Houses, and we are especially looking forward to Spirit Week and Choice in week 5! We hope to see you there and are looking forward to seeing everyone back for term 3.

House Captains Milly Autridge, Jemma Hayes, Jacob Price, and Lydia Wilson.

To me, respect is an action that we should all display in everything that we do. It’s the value of treating everyone equally, with no judgement or angst. Not only should we show respect to others, but receive it from our peers. Receiving respect is important as it allows us to express ourselves and feel safe in our own skin. Being respected teaches us to be respectful to others, working in a continuous cycle in which we are constantly empowering the people around us to be respectful. As Rangatahi Leader, I strive to respect everyone and empower them to be their best.

Alesha Martin, Rangatahi Leader

Respect to me is about understanding other people, and being able to recognise what makes them special, and what you like about them. It's about allowing yourself to be an individual and having the self-respect to express yourself however you choose to. Respect is an important value in our school, as we work with our teachers, we show respect to them, and they show respect to us, and our education.

Bella Kircher, Cultural Captain

Respect to me is about being able to work with and understand other people. It is listening to their perspective on things, even if you have a completely different view. It is showing pride towards yourself and your own actions. Respect is shown to your peers, teachers and your education by trying hard to better yourself.

Olivia Paton, BOT Student Rep

Respect to us is all about respecting yourself and behaving in a way that makes you proud of who you are. If you can’t end each day feeling good about the way you have behaved throughout the day, the only person that can change that is yourself. You will always feel better about yourself if you are proud of how you present yourself to those around you. So wear your uniform with pride, speak respectfully to each other, look after everyone's property, and while you may not always agree with other people’s beliefs or opinions, respect them, you might actually learn something from them. This is something we have seen a large amount of in the past term with taking more ideas from others around us such as the other year 13’s, other student leaders and staff. Taking in all this information and allowing everyone’s opinion to be heard even if we have an idea of our own is what we feel has seen  improvement from term 1 in things such as student-led assemblies and student council.

Head Students Amelia Houston, Connie McFarlane, Karma Gyeltshen, and Jack Rusbridge