GHS Ball

GHS Ball

This year, the Ball is being held on Saturday 3rd August at Stonebridge. Please note the change in venue from previous years. The Ball walk-ins will commence at 7.30pm with final entry closing at 8.30pm. The Ball officially ends at 12.00am and no attendee will be permitted to leave before this time. Please take care to organise arrangements for transportation home at this time. There will be onsite parking.

Traffic control is being organised by the Timaru District Council with assistance by the Police as is and where is necessary. The doors will open from 6.30pm for parents to walk through the venue. Parent vehicles must approach Stonebridge (see map attached) from Geraldine along Winchester-Geraldine Road and will be directed to the parking area. Entry to the parking area will then be closed from 7.00pm, and cars will be unable to exit this area until the final guests have entered Stonebridge at approximately 8.15pm. There will be an area cordoned off for parents to watch the walk-ins. Please take care to stay behind these cordons at all times.

Vehicles carrying ball-goers must also approach Stonebridge from Geraldine along Winchester-Geraldine Road. There will be a waiting area set up for these vehicles on the grass verge of the road in case you are unable to access Stonebridge upon arrival. A map showing a birds-eye-view of this is included.

This is a smoke-free and alcohol-free event. All those attending the event will be breath-tested upon arrival at Stonebridge. Any person found to be under the influence of alcohol, or attempting to bring alcohol, cigarettes, or illegal substances into the venue will be refused entry. Attendees are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, and any student or partner that fails to behave in such a manner will be asked to leave.

It is important to emphasise Geraldine High School’s position on after Ball functions. Following the closure of the Ball, it is expected that all attendees will be under parental supervision. Small gatherings at a private residence under this supervision are acceptable. However, Geraldine High School does not condone any other type of after Ball event. In the instance that we are made aware of an after Ball event of this type, the Ball may be cancelled.

Stonebridge is a beautiful venue and we are very privileged to be able to utilise their facilities. We welcome all parents and members of the community to experience the venue from 6.30pm and students arriving from 7.30pm. With your cooperation, we look forward to a wonderful evening.

Yours sincerely

Geraldine High School Ball Committee 2019