GHS Ball 2016

Senior Ball 2017

It is not long now until the Geraldine High School Senior Ball for 2017 is upon us. This year's Ball will be held on Saturday 5th August and the theme for this year is ‘Once Upon a Time’. To ensure another successful event please note the following:

1. Students will begin arriving at the Ball at 7.30pm. The Ball will finish at midnight.

2. All those attending the Ball, whether arriving in a vehicle or getting dropped off, are to enter by the Stone Gates. Vehicles must approach the gates via Kennedy Park only, not along McKenzie Street (the bollard in the road in Kennedy Park will be removed for the arrivals).

3. All attendees will be breath-tested on arrival at the stone gates:

  • If they are found to have any alcohol on their breath they will be declined entry. Parents/caregivers will be contacted and asked to collect them.
  • If a GHS student is declined entry, their outside partner will also be required to leave.
  • If an outside partner of a GHS student is declined entry, the GHS student may remain and attend the Ball.

4. We remind all students/parents/caregivers that there is an expectation that there are to be no major organised after-Ball functions.

5. Spectators are invited to come and watch the students arriving for the Ball and walking the red carpet. If you are coming to watch, please enter via the Gym gates only and assemble behind the roped off areas in front of the staff room. (Please do not enter via the main gates as this is the sole vehicle exit point). It would be wonderful to see you there supporting our students.