PIA students at Silver Fern Farms visit by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

PIA News

Coleridge Downs visit

The PIA classes visited ex student Hamish Scannell at Coleridge Downs towards the end of last term. Hamish won a place in their Cadetship programme last year. This year he is "living the dream", working in the High Country, building a team of dogs, riding horses, learning new skills and achieving his Primary ITO Level 3. 

There are six cadets in the 2 year course. They have on-farm accommodation and meals provided. One day per week is spent in the classroom doing their feeding and pastures and the other four are on farm. Weekends are spent playing sport or hunting. 

Applications are now open for 2018 and close on 25th August. Anyone interested please see Mrs Foley-Smith.

Water Supply Course

One group of Level 1 PIA students attended Agri Learn on a warm sunny Sunday morning recently to complete their Water Supply course.

Students had all been practicing their water skills in class for the last two weeks of Term 2 after going and having their first practice day at Washdyke a fortnight before.

They were given a 45 minute time limit to put together a complete water trough.  This entailed cutting and joining alkathene pipes together with the correct joiners, connecting a ballcock inside the trough, joining a tap using a T junction, and ensuring that when you turn on the water it doesn't leak.

A successful day was had by most with nearly all completing within the time frame.  Top students for the day were Blake Roberts and Mitchell Sowden.

Fencing Day with Al Johnston

The cold, wet morning of Monday 3rd July saw Al Johnston from Johnston Contracting come to our school to show our Level 1 Primary Industry class a few tips and tricks about fencing.

The day started off with Mr Johnston judging the fences that had been put up by students over the previous week. Mr Johnston was most impressed with the quality of the fencing skills and told the students that they were the best that he had seen, easily out-doing some students on work experience from Telford. Mitchell Sowden and Zoie Greer were judged the best by Mr Johnston.

After a brief discussion about Health & Safety hazards, Mr Johnston jumped in his Tractor and demonstrated how to ram a post into the ground and take one out.  After a while, Mitchell and Jakob took over the Tractor and showed the rest of the class their driving skills.

During the hour spent with Mr Johnston, the students managed to put six new fence posts in and stabilise some of the original loose posts.  It was a great learning day and a morning well spent. Our thanks to Mr Johnston for giving up his valuable time to come to school and teach us these skills.

Silver Fern Farm visit

Students also visited the Silver Fern Farms Processing Plant at Pareora last term.  What an awesome trip, although not for the faint hearted!  We saw the Lambs being processed from the yards to a box and all the stages in between.  Thank you to Mick Geary for organising this fabulous trip for us.