Year 10 Health and Physical Education 2019

This year in HPE for Year 10 we are aiming to provide opportunities for students to experience a range of different activities that give them an insight into Senior Health and PE and more importantly ideas for what they can be doing to lead a healthy active balanced lifestyle beyond school.

In Term 1 our focus was on “Taking up the challenge” and students attempted different aquatic challenges which for some included working as a group and attempting to make a synchronized swim routine or completing part of our swim challenge. This year we also introduced the skill challenge which involved students having to select and learn a completely new skill. Through this process they were exposed to learning what a skill is, how to go about practicing that skill and the style that they learn best. This was of great benefit to students learning to deal with the challenge of being outside their comfort zone and having to be resilient and persevere at something for which they initially were not successful. But over time their confidence improved and they all became more proficient at their activity and it was awesome to see happen. The activities ranged from such things as learning to juggle, skip correctly, hacky sack and break dancing to name but a few.

Term 2 our focus has been on “Training for all”. Here we are striving to learn about the fitness industry and how we can create our own mini fitness training programme for an area of our health and well being or the sports we play. The students have been experiencing different methods of training and been designing their own training session that they carry out. This will give them ideas for what they can do beyond school to help improve/maintain their fitness. We have also been focusing on our Mental fitness and what we can do to manage any stress and anxiety we experience and how to set goals.