1st Year 7-13 Open Cameron Anderson by Cameron Anderson

GHS Photography Competition

An amazing  numberof images were submitted for this year's competition. There was 82 entries and the level of competition was very high. The judge commented on the fact that in the Year 7-13 Open Category, they had to deliberate over 3 days to make their final decisions! Congratulations to all students and staff who entered and for the place-getters in each year level.

Certificates and prizes will be awarded at our Formal Assembly on Tuesday 11th June in the School Hall. All the photos will be displayed in the School Library so you can see the wonderful images that were entered. Thanks to Mrs Roberts for letting us use the Library display cabinet for this.

I wish to thank the judges for their dedication with the time and effort that has gone into the judging and also to Harvey Norman Timaru who has donated over $200 in prizes. There are some very talented students at Geraldine High School so please keep taking photos and make sure you enter again next year.

Photography Competition Results 2019:

Year 7 Sports Action:

  • 1st Rian Proudman
  • 2nd Lily Christensen
1st Year 7 Sport Action Rian Proudman — Rian Proudman

Year 8 Form of Transport:

  • 1st Shelby Hensen
  • 2nd K’dynce Hema
  • 3rd Shelby Hensen
1st Year 8 Form of Transport Shelby Hensen — Shelby Hensen

Year 9 Trees:

  • 1st Lexie McCully
  • 2nd Teagan Marett
  • 3rd Caleb Shaw
1st Year 9 Trees Lexie McCully — Lexie McCully

Year 10 Food:

  • 1st Abbie Collins
1st Year 10 Food Abbie Collins — Abbie Collins

Year 11 Weather:

  • 1st Quinn Claridge
  • 2nd Mackenzie Robertson
  • 3rd Georgia Dennison
1st Year 11 Weather Quinn Claridge — Quinn Claridge

Year 12 Fences:

  • 1st Zara Glenie
  • 2nd Lachie McCully
  • 3rd Lachie McCully
1st Year 12 Fences Zara Glenie — Zara Glenie

Year 13 Reflections:

  • 1st Patrick Foley-Smith
  • 2nd Ben Chambers
1st Year 13 Reflections Patrick Foley-Smith — Patrick Foley-Smith

Year 7-13 Open:

  • 1st Cameron Anderson
  • 2nd= Kyra Marett
  • 2nd= Cameron Anderson
  • 3rd Ben Chambers
1st Year 7-13 Open Cameron Anderson — Cameron Anderson

Staff Patterns:

  • 1st Mrs Teena Vincent
  • 2nd Mr Hayden Titchener
  • 3rd Mr Steven McNulty
1st Staff Patterns Mrs Teena Vincent — Mrs Teena Vincent

Staff Open:

  • 1st Mr Hayden Titchener
  • 2nd Mrs Teena Vincent
  • 3rd= Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith
  • 3rd= Mrs Paula Flannery
1st Staff Open Mr Titchener — Mr Hayden Titchener

Special Prizes:

  • Mrs Lamea Brittenden
  • Kieran Ward-Smith
  • Maggie Moore
  • Devin Willers