Bus News

From the Transport Office

"Safety First"

Just a reminder please that all students in Years 7 to 9 must wear Hi Vis vests while waiting for buses  in the morning and until they arrive into the school grounds. Students who continue to not wear these will be issued with a warning for defiance. If your son/daughter has lost theirs, they can still be issued with a FREE replacement from the Transport Office. We appreciate your support in helping us enforce this as part of our Health & Safety requirements.

If you are shifting house and require a change of bus or different pick up point, please contact the Transport Office with your details by ringing the School Office on 693 0017 extn 7230.

If you son/daughter needs to be travelling on a different bus, or be dropped off at a different point along the route from normal on occassion, they will need a Yellow Bus Pass. These are issued from the Transport Office once a signed note (or a text) from a parent has been sighted the day prior to travel. They will not be issued however for sleep overs, sport, birthday parties or anything non school related. These reasons are deemed as ineligible as our buses are only funded for eligible students to travel to and from GHS and GPS. Please note that bus drivers can refuse any student who tries to travel on a bus without a signed Yellow Bus Pass or is not on that bus's roll. Students who are not regular bus students and are requesting a Yellow Bus Pass are issued one at the discretion of the Transport Office. Please remember that many of our buses are full so we appreciate your support around these requests.