Parent Communication

We have been working through a few issues in recent weeks in our junior school around how students treat each other.  Some of these issues have been occurring over a long period of time and we have only just been made aware of this.

All schools are very reliant on regular communication with parents throughout the year. This allows us to manage any issues that may arise with your son or daughter and address these before they cause more problems later on.

Should there be concerns or issues arising with your son or daughter at school, please contact our Deans for each year level who are listed below. Their email addresses are:

Year 7 & 8 Dean - Mr Kit Silcock

Year 9 Dean - Mr Kieran Blogg

Year 10 Dean - Miss Bronwyn Clark

Year 11 Dean - Ms Maria Heitkonig

Year 12 & 13 Dean - Ms Eliza Williams