PIA Tree Planting by Mrs Foley-Smith

PIA News

PIA students completed one final fundraising day tree planting at Marty and Mel O’Connor’s last weekend. Good character building stuff as the 500 became 700 trees and the bit by the creek became an old forestry block with waist high grass and dry ground. The lure of a turn on the weed eaters ensured maximum effort in digging, planting, watering, fertilising, adding weed mat and attaching sleeves. I was beginning to think the students would never volunteer to hang out with me again!  A milkshake and ice cream at the end solved all problems. 

Mel & Marty were grateful for our help and “were very impressed with the hard working team. They were a lovely group with not a word of complaint in the hot conditions.”

With exams about to finish, I have students available for any farmers wanting a hand with weaning or who would like an extra set of hands any time during the holidays. Please contact me at S.foley@geraldinehs.school.nz