Year 7 Camp 2017

Year 7 Camp

Pulling up the driveway into Mt Hutt Retreat, my heart was ready to burst out of my chest; my emotions were running wild like a dog chasing a cat. We had finally arrived and now it was time to unpack. We heaved our heavy bags out of the exhausted bus, discovered what room we were in and then set off to get settled in. Once we had unpacked, it was time to get started on the activities.

First up was archery and rifle shooting. In rifle shooting I shot 1 bullseye (10 points), 1 nine and 1 eight, giving me a total score of 27 points. Next we had archery which I failed miserably at! Four arrows hit the grass and 1 hit the hay, which the target was on. When archery had finished we moved onto abseiling which was really fun although we got attacked by mosquitoes. Little did we know that when we arrived back at camp there was a big surprise. As soon as we came into sight, everyone raced to the massive waterslide. What felt like hours later, we were wet, soapy and begging for more with Bailey Patterson holding the record for going the furthest.

Waking up the next day I was pumped and ready to go for another day of action packed adventure. First off we had a massive game of Manhunt in the shrubbery. I had the most amazing hiding place ever, but to get there you had had to trudge through a ginormous bog. Everyone had scratches all over their legs but that didn't stop us tough Cantabrians.

The next morning had arrived... Once breakfast had finished, group A left to go jetboating and within hours it was finally group D’s turn (that's my group). We took the bus to the Rakaia River where we received our life jackets and clambered into the boat ready for the exhilarating boat ride ahead. We pulled away from the shore and started zooming up the river, people were screaming and laughing. We did 5 Hamilton turns and everyone got sprayed with water. We came to a clearing where the boat was going to stop and drop us off, group C were waiting for us ready to embark on our next adventure. The walk was one of my personal favourites. Ben Wyborn had his UE Boom speaker so we were listening to all the latest hits as we walked along the narrow track. After the walk and the boat ride we took the bus back to camp where we relaxed until the very entertaining talent show that night.

Sadly the next day was our last day and everyone was packing up and getting ready to leave. After everyone had finished packing we went for another walk up the Alder Track. When we arrived at our destination Mr Wilcox pulled out a humongous bag of lollies and we raced to get the sweet confectionary that we dreamed about every day and night! We were like moths drawn to light.

Now the time had come to board the bus. Pulling out of the driveway I was sad to go but excited to get back to school. After what felt like forever we were finally back at school, where our parents were waiting to pick us up. Sadly, this was the end of our camp and it was time to say our goodbyes.

I just can’t wait until next year's camp!

By Libby Smith