Aoraki Cross Country by

Aoraki Cross Country

I had the wonderful pleasure of taking our Cross Country runners away last Friday.

Once again, (and no surprises here), our students were fantastic. Not only supporting our team but the other runners as well, those that were machines at running and were powering their way around the track but also other students who were struggling with the conditions, pace or had injuries, so great to see.


Junior Girls (3 km)

Amelia McKeown - 7th

Emily Osborne - 14th

Phaedra Cunningham-Lucas - 22nd

Junior Boys (4.5 km)

Ben O'Kane - 8th

Ethan McCallum - 11th

Intermediate Boys (4.5 km)

Geordie McCully - 6th

Jack Barrie - 13th

Fraser Hunter - 14th

Jamie Roberts - 20th

Senior Girls (4.5 km)

Amelia Houston - 11th

Jasmine Wells - 18th

Jazmin Duncan - 21st

Lucy Harrison - 22nd

Senior Boys (6 km)

Jacob Price - 4th

Karma Gyeltshen - 8th

Tom Harding - 9th

Josh Keen - 15th

Flynn Coskerie - 23rd

Great effort by all students.