Merit Awards

Merit Awards

These students have recently been awarded the following Merit Awards:

5 Merits:

Billy Wheeler, Jonty Sowden, Ashleigh James-Corcoran, Nevaeh Te Wharehinga O'Keeffe, Shianne Eccleston, Nikia Wills and Lexie McCully

10 Merits:

Serenity Pullman-Stewart, Ashlee Roberts, Kade Farnell, Rune France, Rhys Patterson, Trixie Rate, Matthew Anderson, Lilly Henry, Louis Wallace and Valentina Stimolo

15 Meris:

Sophie Thorpe, Violet Grant, Couper McKay and Tilly Allpress

20 Merits:

Celeste Aguayo, Esther Burns, Marshall Gordon, Kristin Schoneveld, William Morrison and Ella Hole

25 Merits:

Serenity Pullman-Stewart, Emma Becroft and Georgina Rowley

40 Merit Awards:

Kate Payne

Congratulations to all of these students.