GHS Aquatic

Geraldine High School Aquatics

Aquatic education is based on the combined development of physical skills, critical thinking and building experience to ensure safer participation in a range of aquatic environments. Learning is based on developing skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in line with personal developmental stages. Aquatics is not purely physical or just about thinking; students need to understand all elements of learning to swim, water safety, survival, and beach/river safety to be able to participate in these environments

New Zealand is an island nation with a large coastline and many lakes and rivers. These physical environments provide outstanding opportunities for aquatic activities, but also create hazards which people must be suitably skilled to enjoy safely.

Our school has an aquatics programme based on learning to swim, safety, survival and confidence. This will take place throughout Term One and if the weather is kind to us, it may even roll into Term Two!

If your child is unable to attend Aquatics, please provide a note with the reasons for non-participation and give an indication on how long  they will be out for and when they will be able to return. It is important to combine learning to swim with water safety and recreational safety to build a positive water safety culture in New Zealand.