Snapshots of Science by Ms Adele Quinn

Snapshots of Science

Waihi River - Year 8

All Year 8 had a trip to the Waihi River to look at the invertebrates that live down there and the abiotic (non living) factors that can affect them.

EPro8 Challenge

13 Year 7 and 8 students have signed up to this challenge. This will be held in Timaru later in the year. Students will work in teams to compete against other schools to solve different Technology/ Science type challenges. They are a very dedicated group of students - turning up in their lunch hours to practice.

Year 7 and Year 11 Collaboration

Year 11 students have been learning about mammalian lungs and gas exchange. The saying goes “if you can teach another person, you are more likely to understand it yourself”. Year 11s worked in groups to plan a short lesson for groups of Year 7s. They presented and then got feedback. Was a great experience for all!

Science Snacks and Science Fair (Years 9 and 10)

This was a new initiative last year. We have tweaked it based on what we saw and student feedback. Students now have one to two-week slots throughout the year to choose a “Snack” or certificate they are interested in doing and then work their way through it. Each “Snack” is supposed to be something that can be completed in about 5 hours and has a limited amount of write up involved. It is linked to different areas of the curriculum so students can link their science to other areas that interest them. Photography, videography, short stories, food, engineering, farming, solar and environmental themes are just some examples. Three certificates will gain the student a diploma. If Year 10s gain a diploma they can use this for their academic challenge for Year 10 Challenge. The students have approached this extremely enthusiastically this year and getting some good results.