Year 10 Challenge Ropes Course by Mrs Kerri Doy

Year 10 Challenge

During this first term, all of our Year 10 students have had a day being challenged on the school's High Ropes course.  The element on the High Ropes that challenged the most was the flying fox, followed by the giants ladder.

These have been some of the comments so far:

  • really, really, really fun (with the teachers too)
  • amazing, once in a life time
  • challenging
  • awesome
  • fun, good chat
  • thrilling, exciting
  • challenging but really fun
  • scary!!!
  • amazing.

So what have our students learned through extending themselves on the ropes day? Apart from working as a team and communicating well, they all pushed themselves to try something that they wouldn’t normally feel comfortable doing. In the words of one our students, what we learned was “that the benefits of things that may psych you out usually outweigh the challenges along the way”.

Our next Year 10 Challenge starts early next term and is Quest in the Forest. Information has gone out to parents and is on the Year 10 Challenge Website.

Dates to look out for Quest in the Forest:

3rd May - 10T 

14th May - 10K 

17th May - 10W 

24th May - 10O.