Wool Classing by Sarah Foley-Smith

Teen Ag and Agrikids

On Sunday 1st May we competed in the Teen Ag competition held here at GHS.

The competition consisted of 8 practical and theoretical tasks that we had to complete.  We had to put tyres on a trailer and strop them down, check the diesel to see if it contained water and identify different types of wool. We had 13 Teen Ag teams entered in the competition and 1 of the teams (Patrick & Mitchell) made it to the top 5 teams face off which was a race to build a camp site which included making wooden furniture. The day was really well run by the young farmers and the Primary Industry classes and was rated one of the top regional finals this year and the most successful under the new event format.

Of our 8 Agri-kid teams, 2 made it to the top 7 race-off with Angus Wallace, Robert Furrer and William Wilson coming 3rd overall and winning a place in the National Final in July. Conor Foley-Smith, Innes Hanrahan & Kyle Hansen were placed 5th overall.  Zettlin McAtamney-Rasch was named Top Overall Teen Ag competitor which places him in the top 7 competitors in New Zealand this year.

Thank you to all the awesome parents who supported us all on the day especially Ruth Goodwin, Tracey Moffitt, Andrew Rasch & Carolyn McAtamney-Rasch.

The highly successful day was completed with a meeting between the PIA classes and Young Farmer Executive to plan the organisation of the Grand Final later in the year.