Year 7 Trip to the Museum

Year 7 Trip to the Geraldine Museum

Local History Project

On the 4th May, the three Year 7 classes visited the local museum. When we arrived, we were greeted by the four leaders and quickly got started.

We were split into groups so we could easily move around the rooms which are green, red, blue and the new extension.

In the first room, it was all about the war and the early settlers of Geraldine. In the blue room we focused on the first buildings in Geraldine. We got to see a telephone exchange.

In the red room, we focused on factories and we got to test our drawing skills when we had to draw a butter churn and an old rat trap.

Lastly, in the new extension, we chose a town around Geraldine and drew a map.

Overall, it was very interesting and we learnt lots of new things.

By Bella Keeley

On Wednesday the 4th May, the Year 7’s were lucky enough to visit the Geraldine Museum.

We learnt lots of things including the history of Geraldine and what life was like in the olden days. We got to see lots of photos of places that we knew… even some of our houses that we live in!

We looked at lower and upper Talbot Street and Kakahu Bush. They look very different today from what they used to look like.

The highlight of the trip was getting to play around on the old town switchboard.

The last time we went, the new extension was not added so it was very cool coming back and seeing it. It looks very good.

It was amazing! We learnt so much thanks to the staff at the Musuem.

By Arabella Acland and Amelia McKeown

Last week the Year 7’s went on a trip to the Geraldine Museum where we looked at the past and present history of Geraldine and surrounding areas.

We learnt about why our school houses, Tripp, MacDonald, Cox and Acland are named after first settlers of Geraldine.

There were four sections of the museum. The green room, the blue room, the red room and the new extension. In each room we got a piece of paper with some questions that we had to find out the answers by looking around the rooms.

We did many things but we couldn’t stay forever as the next Year 7 class was coming down the street for their look around.

We really enjoyed our trip and some of us will probably be going back in our spare time.

By Angus Wallace and Aliiyah Gordon-Wilson