The Team by Sarah Foley-Smith

News from the PIA

Aorangi Young Farmers

On the first Saturday of the school holidays a mix of the Year 12 and 11 PIA classes went to Ashburton with a small module (quad tyre change, beehive assembly, drench pack calibration) that we had developed for bystanders to watch and participate in. On arrival we found that the young farmer organisation needed us to help with setting up the final race off and some practical modules for the Regional contestants of the Young farmer competition which included disconnecting the battery from the motorbike, removing and hiding seats, stacking bales, setting up fencing gear, trouble shooting and double checking the modules. We also helped to run the bbq, assisted in the face off and were runners for the judges making sure they had water and food.

The association was very grateful for our help and gave us a nice mention, caps and drink bottles. This has continued our valuable experience this year in learning to run events at local and regional levels. We are building up to helping to organise and run the National Grand Final in Timaru in July.