ANZAC Crosses in Timaru

Service for NZ

ANZAC Day - our students!

Thank you Kirby and Koan Brown, Daeniel Quiambao and Olivia Hall.

This year, the Royal New Zealand Returned Services’ Association Inc. (RSA) celebrates their 100th birthday. The Student Volunteer Army (SVA) and the University of Canterbury (UC) wanted to find a way to honour the ANZAC spirit while also giving back to the community.

So, they asked people to embrace the New Zealand spirit of service through Serve for NZ: ANZAC Day.

Four of our students pledged their time to this cause – Kirby and Koan Brown, Daeniel Quiambao and Olivia Hall.

Kirby and Koan each pledged three hours of their time, helping out the RSA in Timaru to set up and take down the crosses for the ANZAC commemoration. Their Mum is the Manager of the RSA and they were both more than willing to help out the RSA members with this task. Kirby commented that because there were more people helping this year it was a lot quicker doing this job.

Daeniel and Olivia did a brave thing! They decided to equip themselves with gardening gear and went around homes asking if they would like some gardening done. They ended up gardening and digging out a big shrub from a lady’s garden. They each pledged two hours.

Well done to all four of you for giving up your time and putting yourselves out there!

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