Yes the anchor holds! by Mr Hayden Titchener

Update from the Outdoor Education Department

The three OED classes have been climbing this term. We are lucky in South Canterbury to have a number of climbing crags for our students to practice their skills. 

Spur Road near Timaru is a great place to learn to belay, climb and abseil. We have also used Andrews Stream as an abseil site for a slightly easier progression and a place for the Year 13 students to practice their anchor setting.

Adventure Based Learning or ABL is a way for myself and students to learn through playing games and activities that help foster team work, communication, trust and confidence. The different activities are a fun way to get people involved and to be challenged in a supportive environment.

For the OED students, it's about giving back to the younger students. It's also a way to build confidence heading into the school student executive positions or leadership in general as a Year 13 student, or heading onto further study or into the workforce. The Year 7, 8 and learning support students really enjoy these lessons.