EPro8 Challenge by Ms Katie Martin

EPro8 Challenge

On 10th of June, 10 students from Year 7 & 8 went to Bluestone School in Timaru to compete in the Heats of the EPro8 Challenge. The teams were;

The Brainy Bunch - Bailey Fletcher-Young,  Adriana Savage and Rachel Croft.

NZ Boys - Benjamin Jordan, Jackson Marriett, Zack Allen and Ethan Taylor.

Ne-Rd Neon Rhubidium - Harrison Taylor, Riley Spijkerbosch and Alana Berry. Unfortunately, Georgia Coles could not participate due to illness but attended many practices with the team.

EPro8 Challenge is a competition, an engineering and problem solving race. Teams compete against other schools to complete challenges that may have the students:

  • building large sized structures;
  • solving practical problems;
  • engineering using pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles;
  • inventing machines that can complete simple tasks;
  • undertaking unusual and fun experiments;
  • constructing basic electronic circuits;
  • solving interesting problems using practical Maths.

This was the first time Geraldine High School have had teams competing in this challenge and all of the teams did very well. Although they were not placed in the top three teams, they have all gained from the experience and many have said they will be back again next year for another shot at making the finals.