PIA students at the local A & P Show in Winchester by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

PIA at the Temuka/Geraldine A & P Show

The 2019 Year 11 PIA class have well and truly justified their selection in the course. Running the Temuka Transport Future Farmers competition for local Primary Schools involved the students coming up with the module ideas, making a plan, gathering equipment, test driving the activity and finalising the marking schedule. We had 10 teams of 3 competing over 2 rounds at the show. The modules included:

  • Electric Fencing
  • Chainsaw Maintenance
  • Ear Tagging
  • Calf Feeding
  • The ever-popular Goose Shoot
  • Seeds
  • Equipment Identification
  • Gumboot Throwing
  • Weeds

Our students worked tirelessly running their modules for each of the teams and were supportive and encouraging of the young competitors.

An unexpected highlight of the day were Dylan Leech and Brad Isherwood driving tractors in the Grand Parade. Fortunately on receiving the good news, Mrs Foley-Smith high-tailed it to the arena just in time to issue stern words and reminders that it was not the Grand Prix!!

A huge thank you to Winchester Rural, Woodbury and Geraldine Primary schools and their fabulous teachers for supporting us.


Year 5 & 6

1st - Geraldine Primary Millie, Sophie and Siobhan

2nd - Geraldine Primary Joji, Joe and Bryn

3rd - Winchester Wombles Charlie, Tim and Hew

Year 7 & 8

1st - GHS 3 Musketeers Reuben, Lewis and Blair

2nd - GHS Two and a Half Eva and Emily

3rd - GHS Bryn, Charlie and Harry.