Year 13 Geography Trip to Karitane by Mrs Sarah Harrison

Year 13 Geography Field Trip to Karitane

On the 5th-6th of March, the Year 13 Geography class travelled to Karitane to collect field data for their research. The research and field trip is part of an internal assessment that requires the students to measure elements of an environment and analyse the data to form conclusions. In this particular environment, the students were measuring processes at the beach: swash and backwash, longshore transportation, wind direction and speed, sediment size, the beach profile, and wave height and length.

On a clear morning at 9am we all travelled down to Karitane and headed straight up to Puketeraki Lookout to view the whole environment and draw sketch maps. As the day warmed up, the students moved onto the beach to measure different processes as a group. Students used specialised equipment such as anemometers for measuring wind speed and abney levels for measuring slope angles of the beach, alongside more everyday equipment like stop watches, tape measures, and compasses. They recorded multiple test results at three different locations along the beach.

After staying in Dunedin overnight, the students headed out to Tunnel Beach to view the amazing landforms that have been created by the same processes that they measured the day before. This allowed the students to view first hand the differences in how processes interact along two sections of coastline.