SISS Adventure Race in Gore by Sally Houston

Students compete in the SISS Adventure Race in Gore

On the 15th March, our adventure racing team of Tom Harding, Jacob Price,  Amelia Houston and Cameron Prattley, travelled to Dolomore Park in Gore to compete in the SISS Adventure Race on Saturday 16th March. 

It was a week of organising food, bikes, tents and all the gear needed to spend a day racing around the hills of Gore. A 6.30am start saw them split into 2 to find 2 checkpoints each around the campground. They had a good head start on this and headed off for the day laden with food and drink to spend the day trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, abseiling and navigating their way around the course. 

They were an excellent team that worked extremely well together and had a lot of fun for the day. They completed the course in 10 hours 55 minutes which saw them come 3rd. Some great perserverence was shown in attaining an excellent result.