Wearable Arts 2019

Geraldine High School - Wearable Arts 2019

There is still time to get organised and enter the Wearable Arts 2019.

Our theme is HAUNTED and we have 2 year groups, Years 7 & 8 and Years 9-13.

Our categories are as follows:

  • Year 7 & 8 Recycled and Haunted Accessory
  • Year 9-13 Recycled, Haunted and Fluro

A maximum of 2 people to design and make the entry. You can enter as many categories in your year group as you like. You don’t have to model the design but you must find your own model. You can only model one outfit.

The entry form must be handed into Miss Clark on or before 10th April (3rd last day of Term).

You must fill in a separate entry form for each outfit.

This gives you time to get together over the school holidays and create your masterpiece.

When you come back in Term 2 your garment must be handed in by Monday 20th May (week 4 Term 2) and you must submit a photo of your outfit being worn.

Any questions please see Miss Clark.

Entry forms available in the Student Office and the Library.