Taieri School Visit PIA by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

Taieri High School visit PIA

In what has become an annual fixture, the GHS PIA classes hosted their equivalent class at Taieri High School who come to South Canterbury for industry visits.

Our students were able to have a practice run for the Winchester show by running the Taieri students through our modules and adding some more challenging activities such as trailer stropping and quad tyre change. Our students then taught Taieri how to fence - assembling a termination knot and attaching an insulator. This activity quickly turned into an inter-school challenge with Oli Keely claiming bragging rights for an under 30 second build of high quality. Credit for the win should actually go to Al Johnston Farming Services whom Oli worked for over the summer!

The evening concluded with a BBQ. 

The Taieri students were unanimous that the visit to GHS was the highlight of their trip and their staff were in awe of the skill level of our fabulous students. The visit certainly highlights what a wonderful community we live in and the challenges that face other schools.