Year 8 students share their picture books 

The Year 8s spent Term 4 working on creating a picture book of their own

Students had to plan, write, illustrate, and publish their own children's picture books. First, students reviewed illustrated children's books to gain an understanding of the creative process and the elements that help make a children's book successful.

They then wrote them and published for an audience. 8Cm were lucky enough to visit Hayward Cottage Montessori and share their picture books, 8Ro visited the Geraldine Primary School and 8Hm visited the Geraldine Kindergarten.

The children they visited thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with the Geraldine High School students and were soon showing off their spaces and asking them to join in with some of the activities that they were working on when we arrived.

Thank you to those places that hosted our students for the morning.