Rock Climbing Activity by Mr Hayden Titchener

End of Year Activities

Read Bella Keeley's account of her trip to Hanmer Springs

Over the past 2 and half days I have made memories with my friends that I will never forget! This is because on the 5th - 7th of December a group of 36 students from Year 9 and Year 10 went to Hanmer Springs for our activities.

We left at lunch time on the Wednesday. We were all really excited to go but we had a 4 hour drive to get there. 40 pizzas later, a couple of bathroom trips, losing a minivan and almost getting lost, we arrived at our four holiday homes! We had a boys and a girls house for both year 9 and 10's, and it was quite funny getting random snap chats from people in their house, just catching the funny moments!

On Thursday a group of girls and I went to yoga with Ms McKeown, and I do have to say, it was amazing! Our yoga instructor Liv took us for an hour of yoga and it was so relaxing! While we were doing yoga, a group of people went mountain biking in the forest and another group went walking. After we had finished our morning of exercise, we went shopping! Hanmer has a lot of shops, but they have an awesome Lollie shop! So as you can imagine, a lot of us went there. After our lunch we all went to the hot pools for hours of fun in the sun! For dinner that night we were given money to go buy our own dinner. After dinner we went back to our houses for some down time, in one house we had the movie ‘Boy’ playing and in another we had ‘Love Simon’.

On Friday we got up, tidied our house and we went to mini golf, while we played a group of people went in the pedal carts round town, while I myself didn’t go in these they looked really fun. After this we walked down to the duck pond and ate our lunches. Once we had finished this we went back to the minivans for the ride home.

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made this wonderful trip possible, but especially Mrs Rooney, Mrs Morrison, Mrs Voigt and Mrs McKeown. This trip was so much fun and we all couldn’t be more grateful for you all giving us this opportunity.