Iron Rich Foods

GHS Iron Awareness Week

The G.H.S Iron Awareness Week – will be held next week, 15th -19th August

This is being organised by the Year 13 Food Technology class, with the aim of helping students to recognise the symptoms of low iron, and get to know a wide range of foods that will help address it or prevent it.

Does you child have any of these symptoms?

· Feel tired or lethargic

· Often irritable or grumpy

· Suffer frequent infections

· Feel the cold

· Tire easily

· Can’t concentrate

If you are suffering one or more of the symptoms, you could be low in iron. The only way to find out for sure though, is to go to your doctor for a blood test.

You could also try eating more foods containing iron, such as:

- red meat

- chicken

- spinach, kale and silverbeet

- lentils

- baked beans

- walnuts

- brown rice

- canned tuna

- cornflakes

- cashews and almonds

- pine nuts

On Thursday the 18th we will be holding a tasting day in the Food Technology Room – students will be able to taste some high iron recipes and collect recipes of the ones you like.