Forestry  by Mrs Sarah Foley-Smith

Primary Industry News

Level 1

We visited the Geraldine Forest courtesy of Blakely Pacific last week. Students planted trees, which is actually harder than it sounds, and were assessed by the planting crew. Our hourly rate worked out to be about $2.80 so are not about to get rich quick! The professionals made it look very easy and lucrative. The class were interested in the quality control checks where part of a whole block is dug up and every tree checked and if the number of faults reaches the threshold for the plot then the entire block is replanted –for free! Do a job once and do it right is so true.

We then moved on to see the harvesting operation with lots of big grunty diggers and haulers –the class was in its happy place. Students were able to sit in the Tiger Cat and process logs. This was, as always, a great insight into New Zealand’s Forestry operation and we are very grateful to Nick Henderson (roading and harvesting) and Ash Buchanan (silviculture) for giving up their valuable time for us.

Level 2

The class has completed day three of their chainsaws course at Agri Learn. This was assessment day. Students had two days of learning  earlier in the year and practised their technique in between. GHS had a 100% pass rate and again the tutors were very impressed with the group. Our top students were Hamish Scannell and Caio Gomes.