Tim, Anna-Kay and William  by Mr Richard Ramsay

Students doing University Mathematics in Year 13

This year 3 of our year 13 students, Anna-Kay Cressy, Tim Sullivan and William Johnstone, are in the process of completing a stage one University Mathematics paper through Canterbury University.

 The course is MATH 199 and is delivered online to the students. They work on the course work during their study periods and at home and it is expected that they will need 8 hours per week to be successful. They are also encouraged to attend a two day seminar at the University during the July holidays. The course is made up of two papers each one semester long. William has chosen not to continue the course in semester 2 (he will be awarded a grade for the half year course) as he has gained enough credits for his requirements in 2017 but both the other students are continuing for the second semester. Their results generally have been very good emphasising the fact that our top academic students’ are capable of competing with the best from other schools. If the students are successful, as I am sure they will be, they will have earned valuable stage one credits towards their respective degrees giving them a head start to their University careers and at no cost. It also has given them a valuable insight into the level of study required at University. It is important to note that the credits are transferable between Universities and not just specific to Canterbury.

I would like to acknowledge Liz Ackerley and Canterbury University for making this course available to our students.

I also hope this course will be made available for other students in year 13 next year and beyond if they so choose.