Year 7 Ski Trip by Miss Amy Ross

Our Round Hill Ski Day!

Three Year 7 students relive their day on the slopes

Arabella Acland talks us through her time on round hill 

The Ritchies Bus climbed up the Mountain, while 7Sa, 7Ro, and 7Cm were chattering excitedly between themselves about the day that lay ahead. After a long time the bus arrived at the final bend in the road and ahead of us there lay the skifield in all it’s glory.

Some of us were fortunate to have our own gear, so after we got our pass, Zara, Molly, and I hopped on the T bar and away we went. As we got to the top I could smell the fresh mountain air and I knew it was going to be a very good day. I slid off to the side of the T bar feeling very excited about my first run of the day. As the slope got steeper I carved my skis into the snow and with the wind rushing in my face, I sped off down towards the bottom. It was such good snow and not many people around so we got to the bottom quickly and went straight towards the T bar. Then I noticed that Amelia and Emma had finished their lesson. I quickly called them over, so I could have a run with them before my lesson started. I then realised that I only had a short amount of time before my lesson, so I quickly hopped on the T bar with Amelia and let it pull us up.

When we got to the top we took the quickest route down because the lesson was about to start, but once we realised that we were quicker than Amelia and Emma, we slowed down. But when Amelia started to head down the slope with no control whatsoever I immediately knew this was going to end badly, then suddenly all I see is two skis of Amelia's sticking out and her face planted in the snow. I raced down  to help and immediately we got a case of the giggles.When Amelia and I get this, it takes a while for it to stop! Eventually we get up off the ground and I leave Amelia behind and ski at my maximum pace ever, to make it to my lesson on time.

After my lesson had finished we had a couple of runs before we got told that we had to go home. Nobody was happy about that because we wanted to do more skiing, but we all knew that it had been such a awesome, fun, action packed day that we will never forget. Once we hopped on the bus there was this instant noise, everybody talking about their favourite part of the day. The engine started and we made our way back to school, everybody was thinking the same thing ‘ can’t wait till next year!!!!!.

Lia Griffin-Roberts account of her day at Round Hill

“Ow” I winced as someone shoved me aside so that they could scramble on the big bus that would take us up to Round-hill. I quickly scanned the bus for empty seats and realized that there was two right in front of me. “ Come on Saskia! I’ve got a seat for you!” I yelled as I ran toward them. As I dumped my bag on the seat I heard someone yell my name, I turned around and realized that it was my mum telling me to keep warm on the way up.“ I’m sure I’ll be fine mum!” I assured her as she went to find her seat. My teacher suddenly stood up and introduced us to the bus driver. We were off! We had been driving up a long road surrounded by countryside for about an hour now. Everyone was yelling and talking. I leaned my head against the window and tried to get some sleep. Well I tried but I didn’t succeed! There was far too much noise..... And I was far too excited to sleep!!! 

As I looked out the window I could start to see specks of snow on the side of the road. We turned on to the mountain road that would take us up to the ski field. The higher we went the thicker the snow got and the driver had to stop to put chains on. I took the opportunity to get my ski pants on. I was sooooooooo excited as I waited my turn to go into the ski hire shack, where they kitted us out from top to toe. 

Finally, we could hit the slopes! I trudged over to my lesson to meet my teacher. The next hour was a whizz of laughter, skiing and having fun! As I speed down Schatzie's Way I suddenly heard someone shout out“Hey Lia!” and speed past me in a flash of red and grey.“Saskia!” I yelled in excitement when I realized it was my best friend.I quickly sped up to try and catch her… but she was too fast for me! Sighing I took my skis and boots of and gave them to the person behind the bench. I walked over to the bus thinking how funny it was that my feet weren't crunching every step they took, when I remembered that I wasn’t wearing ski boots anymore! On the way back all I could think of was my warm cosy bed at home.“And soon” I thought “ I’ll be there!”   

Maia Mahuika fills us in on her day

On Monday the 1st August all of the Year 7 classes went on a ski trip to round hill. We had to be at school at 7.20am so we could be ready to leave at 7.30am. Once we were on the bus we had to prepare ourselves for a two hour long drive to Tekapo. The drive didn't seem to have taken too long as we talked most of the way. 

We got off the bus at about 9.00am. We went to the gear sheds and got and got all of the things we needed, such as ski's and helmets. At 10.30am the level 1- 3 skiers had their lessons and four and above skiers had their lessons at 12.30pm. If you were a level 3 and under you couldn't ski before your lesson. 

After your lessons had finished we had 5 hours just for skiing. Also during that time we had lunch and if we bought money we could go to the cafe. People were able to ski on the t-bar and the pommer. 

After we finished skiing we had to return our stuff back to the supplies. We then head back to the bus ready for another two hour drive home. Once we got off the bus, at 6pm, the only thing left to do was wait for our parents to pick us up. At least everybody had an excuse for being tired the next day!

Round Hill Ski Day from Leah Boase

We piled onto the two buses at 7:30am and started our long two hour drive to Round Hill Ski Field. There were people talking and listening to music looking really excited.

When we were at the bottom of the hill the buses stopped so they could put the chains on the tires. Then we were moving again. There were lots of twists and bends and my friends and I were playing corners at the back of the bus as well as taking selfies.

The buses parked and a woman who worked at the ski field came onto the bus and called our names out while handing us yellow ski lift passes. After we had put our ski pants and stuff on we lined up to get our boots, helmets and skis. Our lessons to learn how to ski or snowboard where at 10:30. I nearly missed my lesson because the line for equipment was so long.

The instructor I had for skiing was called Sydney and she was really nice. There was 7 of us in my group, 6 of us from Geraldine and a little girl who was better than me. we learned how to stop, (backwards v) and go (parallel lines = ). I crashed into my instructor a few times and fell over a lot (around 11 times). To move we stepped sideways and lined up at the rope pulley that would take you up to the top of the small hill. We had to make sure that before holding on onto the rope our skis were facing forward or we would be on the snow in a tangle of skis, arms and legs.

Afterwards we had lunch and were allowed free time one of my friends and I used one ski and used it like a skateboard by pushing ourselves along with one foot. At around 2:30 me and my friends went to the bus and talked for a while then we were back out Into the snow skiing. I saw my teacher Miss Ross snowboarding Down the hill, she was really good and Ms Cramond was almost pulled down the hill when she was helping someone up so they could snowboard, it was funny. My friends and I returned our ski gear at 3:10 and we sat in the bus and waited till 3:30 when we did a roll check to make sure no one was left behind. I played a hide and seek game where we hid Emily's helmet and got someone to hide, when we were finished hiding it the person had to find it. We hid it under the seats and up on the bag shelves above our heads. Soon we parked up beside the school and got off and we went home. I had an Amazing time and I would do it again.