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NZSS National Basketball Tournament 2019 - Ruby Roberts takes free throw as Ella Beirne #5 and Tyra Jamieson #24 prepare to rebound.
Photo by Maddison Crawford

Basketball Training at Home

Maddy Crawford —

Sport specific trainings for BASKETBALL - Excellent resources, links to videos and more to keep you in the game!

HomeCourt - Website Link

  • This Basketball Training app is FREE until the end of April
  • Offers challenges and training tips - share your achievements with friends, family or coaches
  • Find it at your App Store 
HomeCourt x NBA HomeCourt

Sky Sport NEXT Training Videos

  • Episode 1 - Dribbling with Tall Black Taylor Britt
  • Episode 2 - Dribbling Skills with Tall Fern Micaela Cocks
  • Episode 3 - Ball Skills with Jarrod Kenny

Rules of Game

Do you know the rules of basketball? Now is a great time to have a read of the official FIBA rules/interpretations (see attached) to help you with understand the game better. Knowing the rules is very handy for refereeing but also playing your own game!

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