Hero photograph
Photo by Elaine Bruce

Dragons Love Tacos!

Cary Lancaster —

SuperBrain ProductionNZ are looking at performing a children's show in 2022 as a part of its performance year and will be holding auditions on the 14th of May.

About the Play You know what Dragons really love? Tacos of course! A boy and his dog are watching a TV show about dragons when they unexpectedly get caught up in the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of what to serve to dragons to eat. Dragons love tacos, but if they accidentally eat spicy salsa…watch out!

This show will be performed at the regent theatre and is a great chance for some young performers to take part in a SuperBrain production as a part of the LoudMouth Performing Arts Festival for 2022. 

We are also looking at doing a Friday Matinee for schools to be able to come along and watch this fun show. 

In addition to the performers we are also looking to train up some students who can learn about the technical side of the show with lighting, production and sound so if there are any students you feel may be interested please feel free to give out my contact details.