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Outdoor Physical Activities

Maddy Crawford —

Get outside into the fresh air to enjoy some physical activity during this lockdown! Plenty of achievable activities for anyone to try out.

Doing activities outside help multiple aspects of your Hauroa and importantly gives you time away from your lockdown bubble. Make sure you stay local to your home and practice good social distancing if you come across anyone on your adventure.

Map Your Exercise

Do you like to know how far you have gone for a walk/run/bike etc? Check out the website mapOmeter it lets you map out a distance before you exercise giving you information on the distance covered and amount of energy used. Pick from a range of activities to map out.


  • Simple way to stretch the legs, get fresh air but not overdoing it, aim for a walk of at least 30 minutes!


  • Want to get more of an aerobic workout - running is for you! You can get the heart rate up faster, breaking a sweat and working harder during exercise.
  • Set yourself small goals and build up to going further or running a route faster.

Get Rolling - Bike/Scooter/Skateboard/Rollerblades/Etc.

  • Like moving faster when outside, pick up something you have with wheels and get rolling! Nothing like feeling the wind breeze through your hair. Make sure you have the proper safety equipment (helmet/crash pads).
  • If you get sore ankles/knees/hips from walking or running jumping on a bike would be great for you! Lower impact but still means you can get outside.

Interval Training

Option to keep up your general fitness, also most sports do no require you to run for long periods of time so these are great easy ways to keep that on court fitness up:

  • Walk to a lamppost - Jog to a lamppost 
  • Jog to a lamppost - Sprint to a lamppost

More content to come - Check back on this article to find out more Outdoor Activities to try!