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Literacy and numeracy assessments
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Literacy and Numeracy assessments

GHS Senior Leadership Team —

13 & 15 June 2023

In week 8 of this term we will be running Literacy and Numeracy assessments to allow students to gain the Literacy and Numeracy co-requisites they need in order to gain NCEA certificates.

A link to the Ministry of Education site explaining the Literacy assessment is HERE.

A link to the Ministry of Education site explaining the Numeracy assessment is HERE.

These assessments will involve the following students at the following times:

Tuesday 13 June
Literacy Assessment

  • 8:50am - All Year 10 students
  • 11.25am - All Year 11 students

Thursday 15 June
Numeracy Assessment

  • 11:25am - All Year 11 students and any Year 12 students who do not yet have Numeracy

Students have been working toward these assessments in classes. We will send out more specific information via email to all students (and their whanau) who are taking these assessments.

Due to NZQA regulations it is essential that students complete these assessments on the dates and times shown above.

Both Literacy and Numeracy assessments will be completed digitally on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website. Students will need a charged chromebook on the days of their assessments and a calculator for their Numeracy assessment.